RCM in Dallas, TX

At Prime Landing, we understand that having a healthcare business does not only mean providing patient care but also making sure that you have good cash flow. This is where our service comes in, offered to clients nationwide.

A girl who goes to a practice that uses RCM in Dallas, TX

Billing & Coding

Our healthcare professionals manage your account from end-to-end ensuring complete insurance claims create accurate charge postings.

Billing Partner Services

Some Practices and/or Practice Manager’s find themselves overwhelmed. Prime Landing offers Billing Partner Services to help decompress the office workload.  We’re here to support.

Clearinghouse Management

Prime Landing uses many processes for Clearinghouse Management.  From scrubbing data within clearinghouses, and payment claim postings, to Denial Management.

Account Receivable Support

As another more specific clearinghouse tool, Prime Landing offers support with Account Receivables.  Our teams are equipped to manage timely appeal procedures to post payments and settle accounts.

Performance Metrics

As a measure to our client’s commitment, we offer defined metrics to ensure your satisfaction.  We report a progress assessment and send periodic reports for your review.